All About 340B

What is 340B?

For the past 25+ years, the 340B program has been instrumental in providing funding for quality healthcare and medications for millions of Americans and the non-profit clinics and hospitals who serve them. 340B is a lifesaving program that costs taxpayers nothing.

For almost 3 decades PRXP and its core team has been specializing in not-for profit 340B contract pharmacy and non-profit pharmacy services  for covered entities by providing high quality care and better outcomes regardless of an entities individual’s ability to pay.

Who is PRXP?

Physicians RX Pharmacy was founded in 2013 and our highly experienced management team has over 50 years of combined experience in pharmacy. We serve as a 340B contracted pharmacy providing specialty pharmacy care to covered entities across the nation. PRXP provides high quality pharmacy services to entities and covered entities looking to provide supplementary care to vulnerable populations.

Physicians Rx Pharmacy is one of the fastest  growing pharmacies in the nation. With humble beginnings, we now have multiple locations across the US and serve thousands of retail and 340B patients.

What does PRXP do?

PRXP will design and implement a “customized turnkey” solution, allowing your entity to use pharmacy generated revenue to assure the continuity of care, increase the quality of life, implement community programs, and expand your organization’s mission.

Allow the 340B program to provide your organization with the means to serve the under insured and uninsured population that visit your clinics.
We can even oversee , manage , teach and enable the covered entity to build its own pharmacy. Our mission is to teach you how to manage your own program such that we won’t be needed at the end of our relationship. We consider a successful relationship one in which we empower a client to become fluent and grow their program to suit their own specific needs.

What’s true about 340B?

Myth: I already have a 340B provider, so there’s nothing more I can get out of this program.

Fact: Without the right 340B partner you may not be maximizing all of the savings that the program can provide. Let PRXP show you where you can maximize the program savings for your organization.

Myth: Enrolling in the 340B program is tedious and time consuming and will tie up resources that I don’t have.

Fact: Let PRXP assess your organizations ability to maximize and manage the 340B savings. We offer complete turnkey creative solutions that can reduce the paperwork work load for your employees and offer a more efficient work environment. This allows you to free up key resources and focus on your core goal – which is treating your patients and expanding your mission in helping your community!