Auto-Refill Program

Automatic Refills – what is it?

A program to automatically refill prescriptions. It will help you by making sure you don’t run out of your medication. You will no longer need to call or order refills for ongoing prescriptions. 

How does it work?

  • Our team will inform you about the program via text message.
  • The other options to enroll are by a written or online informed consent.
  • Once enrolled, the pharmacy will auto-fill your prescriptions monthly. These will be select ongoing prescriptions.
  • The pharmacy will text for confirmation before each refill.
  • For program information, scan the QR code on the receipt. You can also call the pharmacy directly.
  • An annual renewal for each prescription will be requested and stored in order to continue the program. 
  • A copy of the informed consent to enroll will be retained for one year. 
  • Withdrawals of a prescription or disenrollment from the program can happen any time. This can be done by you or your agent.
  • The pharmacy will maintain the withdrawal or disenrollment documentation.  They will provide confirmation to you or your agent.  
  • The pharmacy will provide a full refund for any prescription refilled through the program if the pharmacy was notified that you did not want the refill.
  • The pharmacy will provide a full refund if notified of withdrawal or disenrollment from the program prior to dispensing the prescription.  
  • Any written or electronic notification/documentation required by this section will be made available. This will be available in alternate languages as required by state or federal law.